OSSA Fall Protection

This program includes theory, tools, and knowledge of fall protection to safety work at heights in the oil sands.

The course material is energeticall delivered and includes hands-on activities, video analysis, and focuses on participantion. Students will be able to: comprehend fall protection fundamentals and regulations, understand methods of elimination fall hazards, identify the components of personal trave restrain and fall arrest systems, understand equipment specifications, limitations, care and inspection, understand methors of proper planning when controlling hazards, understand the need for rescue planning and preparedness.


1.5 Days

Student:Instructor Ratio



WHMIS 2015 for Workers

Minimum Participants

8 Students

*Classes that do not meet the minimum participant requirement 48 hours prior will be subject to being cancelled. (Classes scheduled for Mondays will have until Thursday to meet this requirement.)


3 Years

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